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A player has a problem and the FAQ section does not have the right answer. In this case, the Devlink support team enters the field of action. Find out how the gambler can find the question for an answer within 5 minutes.

How to solve the problem

Customer service and customer satisfaction are not only important for maintaining the customer base, it directly affects the success of any online casino in Canada. The second extremely relevant way is the FAQs section, which contains answers to the most relevant and pressing questions of Devlink users.

Customer support service

An important way to solve any problem at Devlink online casino is the support service. The client only needs to choose how to contact the service and formulate a question. Thus, there are four ways to contact Devlink support service.

Live chat

This is the fastest way to contact the online casino and is available to all users on all gambling platforms, including the official site and application online casino. The answer to a customer question comes within 5 minutes. And further online discussion of the issue helps to sort out the problem.


Another way to solve the problem available to gamblers in Canada. The player can write the appeal and send it by e-mail. The answer comes within 30 minutes, and the player has the right to continue to discuss the problem if necessary.

Phone number

The oldest and most proven way. The user only needs to enter the number of the support service and talk to a representative of the service. A distinctive feature of this method is the immediacy of problem-solving.

Social networks

Quite a popular way to contact the support service of online casino Devlink. A gambler only needs to find online casino accounts on social networks and describe a problem.

FAQ section

This way of solving the problem is based on offline mode and the user’s autonomy in finding answers to questions. This section of Devlink online casino contains the most answers to the most important questions. And the player can solve a problem with the help of instructions and a clear description of the issue.